Here is a list of open-source projects I own or actively contribute to, as of February 2017.

Asymmetric JWT Authentication

Asymmetric JWT Authentication is a library designed to aid in stateless authentication of server-to-server or app-to-server API requests in Django using RSA asymmetric RSA key pairs. It eliminates security issues like replay attacks and MitM credential snooping all while being as simple to use as HTTP Basic Auth.

Documentation on Read the Docs
Gitlab: crgwbr/asymmetric-jwt-auth
Github Mirror: crgwbr/asymmetric-jwt-auth

Instrumented Soap

Instrumented Soap is a wrapper around Suds-Jurko that improves a few aspects of it.

  • Instrumentation and stat tracking using django_statsd.
  • Improved HTTP proxy support for SOAP Transports.
  • Useful SOAP API mocking and unit-testing tools.

Documentation on Read the Docs
Gitlab: thelabnyc/instrumented-soap
Github Mirror: thelabnyc/instrumented-soap

Version Tag

Version Tag is a lightweight library designed make version tracking of Python libraries and application simpler by making Git tags the sole source of truth.

Documentation on Read the Docs
Gitlab: thelabnyc/python-versiontag
Github Mirror: thelabnyc/python-versiontag

Django / Log Pipe

Log Pipe is a library for help Django apps get data in and out of Apache Kafka using Django ReST Framework serializers and pluggable serialization formats.

Documentation coming soon!
Gitlab: thelabnyc/django-logpipe
Github Mirror: thelabnyc/django-logpipe

Django / Exact Target

Django Exact Target is an a simple library for connecting to the SalesForce Marketing Cloud Exact Target REST API. Currently it only supports triggered sends, but may support more in the future.

Documentation coming soon!
Gitlab: thelabnyc/django-exact-target
Github Mirror: thelabnyc/django-exact-target

Oscar / API Checkout

Oscar API Checkout is a layer on top of django-oscar and django-oscar-api, adding support for more complex and multiple payment options during an API checkout.

Documentation coming soon!
Gitlab: thelabnyc/django-oscar-api-checkout
Github Mirror: thelabnyc/django-oscar-api-checkout

Oscar / Bundles

Oscar Bundles adds multi-product bundles to django-oscar.

Documentation coming soon!
Gitlab: thelabnyc/django-oscar-bundles
Github Mirror: thelabnyc/django-oscar-bundles

Oscar / Bluelight Specials

Bluelight Specials is a layer on-top of django-oscar that adds support for more complex offers and vouchers, including conjunctive and disjunctive compound conditions.

Documentation coming soon!
Gitlab: thelabnyc/django-oscar-bluelight
Github Mirror: thelabnyc/django-oscar-bluelight

Oscar / CCH Sales Tax Office Connector

Oscar CCH is a plugin for django-oscar adding support for calculating taxes using the Wolters Kluwer CCH Sales Tax Office SOAP API.

Documentation on Read the Docs
Gitlab: thelabnyc/django-oscar-cch
Github Mirror: thelabnyc/django-oscar-cch

Oscar / CyberSource Secure Acceptance Connector

Oscar CyberSource is a plugin for Oscar API Checkout that makes it possible to use CyberSource Secure Acceptance Silent Order Post as an order payment method.

Documentation coming soon!
Gitlab: thelabnyc/django-oscar-cybersource
Github Mirror: thelabnyc/django-oscar-cybersource

Oscar / Wells Fargo Retail Services Connector

Oscar WFRS is a plugin for Oscar API Checkout that makes it possible to use Wells Fargo Retail Services as an order payment method.

Documentation coming soon!
Gitlab: thelabnyc/django-oscar-wfrs
Github Mirror: thelabnyc/django-oscar-wfrs