A supersaturated solution is one in which the saturation
point, at which no more material will dissolve, has been
exceeded. This can occur because the saturation point
becomes higher as the temperature of the solution is
increased. When you dissolve the material at a high
temperature and then cool the solution, the material sometimes
doesn't crystallize out because the molecules don't know how.
They require something to get them started, a seed crystal, or
a grain of dust or even a sudden scratch or tap on the
surrounding glass.

He walked to the water tap to cool the solution but never got
there. Before his eyes, as he walked, he saw a star of
crystalline material in the solution appear and then grow
suddenly and radiantly until it filled the entire vessel. He
saw it grow. Where before was only clear liquid there was now
a mass so solid he could turn the vessel upside down and
nothing would come out. The one sentence "I hope you are
teaching Quality to your students" was said to him, and within
a matter of a few months, growing so fast you could almost see
it grow, came an enormous, intricate, highly structured mass
of thought, formed as if by magic.

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What idea is supersaturating your mind? What will be the scratch in the glass that starts crystallization?